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Georgia , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Georgia » Imereti: Something Brewing: Georgia’s Tea Renaissance

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Publication date: uesday 06 February 2018

It was 2002 and we were zipping along a skinny road littered with potholes on the outskirts of Zugdidi in west Georgia, but we could have also been in Guria or Adjara or even Imereti; regions with tea fields that have also become agrarian relics.

News Georgia » Imereti: Former Tbilisi Mayor to Run in MP By-Elections

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Publication date: Saturday 03 February 2018

Gigi Ugulava, former Tbilisi mayor and secretary general of the opposition European Georgia party, will run in the April parliamentary by-elections in the Vani and Khoni single-mandate constituency of Imereti region in western Georgia. “The European ...

News Georgia » Imereti: The wines of Georgia, revisited

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 November 2017

The three main wine regions are Kakheti in the east, Kartli in the middle and Imereti in the west. There are 500 indigenous varieties in Georgia; the primary white grape rkatsiteli and the primary red grape saperavi, are unfamiliar names to most.

News Georgia » Imereti: Georgia’s addictive cousin to pizza?

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Publication date: onday 20 November 2017

We were eating one of these dairy-and-carb bombs at a roadside restaurant on the Rikoti Pass in central Georgia, not far from the town of Surami, home to an ancient Jewish community. This version was from the nearby region of Imereti: a one-inch-thick ...

News Georgia » Imereti: The Rusty, Creaking Cable Cars of Chiatura

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Publication date: uesday 27 January 2015

Around 20,000 people live in the mining town of Chiatura, located in a manganese-rich valley in the west Georgian region of Imereti. Back in the mid-1950s, when the mining industry was more prosperous and the population much higher, and Georgia was part of ...

News Georgia » Imereti: Gambia: Kebz Marong Notches in 1st Goal for New Club in Georgian Premier League

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 March 2017

Gambian striker Kebba Marong alias Kebz has netted his first goal for new club FC Imereti in the Georgia premier league after joining the club from Alazani FC. Kebz joined FC Imereti from Alazani FC and his lone strike inspired FC Imereti to victory in the ...

News Georgia » Imereti: Powerful storm hits Black Sea coastline in Georgia

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Publication date: uesday 17 October 2017

TBILISI, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- A powerful storm hit Georgia's Black Sea coastal region on Tuesday ... Homes were flooded and roads were damaged by landslides and swollen rivers in the Guria and Imereti regions near the coastal line. A village in the ...

News Georgia » Imereti: Georgia’s Political Standoff Deepens

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Publication date: onday 11 February 2013

But not every part of Georgia benefits from tourism. To get a sense of how ordinary people in the country experience the shifts in power at the top, I stopped in a village with in Imereti region, on the way to Ivanishvili’s home town of Chorvila.

News Georgia » Imereti: St. Gabriel, Bishop of Imereti

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Publication date: hursday 04 January 2018

In the same year he was consecrated bishop of Gori, and then on July 2, 1860, he was transferred to the Imereti region ... in high suspicion by officials of the Russian rule in Georgia. Bishop Gabriel began to be regarded as “untrustworthy” by his ...